Upcoming Mission Trip Opportunities

Deborah’s House Young Adult Mission Trip

On Labor Day Weekend a group from our region will be part of a Mission Trip to Deborah's House in Tijuana, Mexico. We are looking for people who have a heart to connect with women and their families who have experienced the trauma of domestic violence.

All of those who participate need to have these characteristics:

  • Be Flexible - Changes may come about. The ability to change will make or break the trip.
  • Be Humble - Be grounded in the truth that our God is made strong in our weaknesses. This trip isn't about you - it is about serving women and their families.
  • Be a Team Player - we will travel, pray and serve as a team.
  • Be Physically Able - we will have to carry our own luggage - as we will be traveling by train and trolley and will be walking a long distance at the border.

Things to do to be a part of the team:

  • Seek the support of your church. Everyone who participates in Regional Mission Trips are sent by his/her church. The church is asked to give their blessing through their prayers and when possible financial support.
  • Complete the application with a $50 deposit and turn it by Monday, July 31st. However, waiting until July 31st might be too late as we are limited to 12 people.
  • Participate in a video meeting on Monday evening, August 7th. During this meeting we will discuss what we'll be doing in Tijuana and travel plans and logistics of the trip. Our missionary hosts, Deliris Carrion Joseph will be a part of the meeting. Please note: Participation in this meeting is mandatory.
  • Submit the release of liability form and remaining amount of $150 by August 25th.

The cost of the trip is $200 per person which includes Amtrak transportation from L.A. to San Diego and meals while at Deborah's House. It does not include your trolley cost ($5 per person), meals while traveling and parking at Union Station. We will also be asking team members and their churches to contribute towards additional materials needed for the weekend.

Please note that all participants must have a valid U.S. Passport or Passport Card. The group will leave on Friday, September 1 around Noon and return Monday evening, September 4th.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or my assistant, Areli Sanchez at 818.839.6078 or

Click here to download application