Regional Youth Ministry is a resource for churches in their ministry with youth. Training events and youth leader groups bring youth pastors and leaders together to be equipped for effective youth ministry. Several events throughout the year bring youth together to be equipped for discipleship and leadership, fellowship, spiritual enrichment so that people will come into a deeper relationship with Christ and one another.

Our vision is that lives will be transformed through the ministry we offer. It is often in the context of these events and programs that youth have a life-changing encounter with Christ that transforms their lives and propels them into adulthood with a solid foundation of faith. When youth come together with youth from other churches and ethnic groups it expands and enriches their view of the world, Christian life, mission and the body of Christ.

These are the resources we offer our ABCOFLASH Churches:

iLEAD logo black nail iLead brings youth together from churches in our region for discipleship and leadership training. In iLead we are partnering with local churches in developing young leaders who will serve in their churches. In the 5 retreats we focus on five areas of formation: Life, Leadership, Spiritual, Missional, and Theological. The next iLead group will begin in October of 2019.