New Church Planting


One of the great goals and mission of the local Church is to establish and plant new works, and in our Region a great emphasis is placed on the planting of new churches, for these reasons the Region invests annual support to the planters, and we have a Committee of Plantation of New Works who are:

  • Dr. Samuel Chetti – Regional Executive.
  • Rev. Rubén Casas
  • Pastor Enrique Santis
  • Dr. Jose Menéndez

Below are the current planters of New Works in our Region:

The Source of Life Baptist Church
Chula Vista, CA
Pastor Miguel Monroy (Spouse – Edith)
Date when the Mission began: 2013
Missionary Baptist Church New Horizon
Pastor Elías Reyes (Spouse – Soraya)
Date that the Church restarted: 2013
elias reyes
Baptist Mission Christ the Rock
Pastor José Ramírez
Date the Mission started: 2012
jose ramirez
Baptist Mission Hope and Life
Pastor Gabriel Aguirre (Spouse – Lorena)
Date the Mission started: 2013
gabriel aguirre
Family Center of Faith
Pastor Pablo Martínez (Spouse – Eunice)
Date that the Church restarted: 2013
Hispanic Mission Message of Peace
Pastor Mario Calderón (Spouse - Leticia)
Date the Mission started: 2015 – No Picture
Misión Ministerios Manantial de Amor, Valle San Fernando
Pastor Jose Francia
Date the Mission started: 2014