Honoring the life and ministry of Rev. Luis E. Zurita

Honoring the life and ministry of Rev. Luis E. Zurita 

by Dr. Jose Menendez


Rev. Zurita was born on May 10, 1941, and was called by our Lord on May 9, 2020.


Rev. Luis E. Zurita was born in Pucón, Chile. After receiving the call to serve God in the ministry, Rev. Zurita started a Baptist church in Santiago, Chile. With political unrest in Chile that radically changed his life, he moved to Argentina, and then the United States.


He started a new church with the Los Angeles Baptist City Mission Society in 1978. Rev. Zurita was married to Hortencia Zurita in 1988 until he passed away. 


Later he started Iglesia Bautista La Comunidad in North Hollywood, California, and his own business, "Centro Comunitario," where he worked as a paralegal helping the Hispanic community with the immigration process and helping people with paralegal issues and needs. He helped a lot of people and pastors to become residents and citizens of this country.


Rev. Zurita was deeply committed to our American Baptist family. He was an active part of the Hispanic Baptist Convention and a part of their leadership. He participated as a speaker in regional events and the Hispanic Baptist Convention. Many pastors respected him for his outstanding leadership and service to his church and the community through Centro Comunitario.


Rev. Luis E. Zurita was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2008 and later was placed in Imperial Care Center, where he received many visits from different pastors and colleges in ministry and friends. We give thanks to all the personnel who took care of Rev. Zurita for many years.


He is survived by his wife Hortencia Zurita, his eight children, and 16 grandchildren, close family members, friends, and colleagues in ministry.


We will miss you and always remember you Rev. Luis E. Zurita. Your legacy will be with us as long as our Lord allows us to live and serve Him the same way you did. May our Lord bless his wife, children, and grandchildren, and will be in our prayers!


Cards and letters can be sent to Mrs. Hortencia Zurita and their family at P. O. Box 16262 North Hollywood, CA 91615

May 26th, 2020