Andy's Holy Week Message

God’s Empty Promise



Dear Friends,


Empty promises don’t seem like such a good thing, and usually they’re not!  We want people to make good on what they promise.  Generally speaking, people’s lives are too “empty” as it is, as evidenced by the desire to fill them with worldly things that don’t satisfy, like excessive alcohol or drugs, bad relationships, and material things.  Politicians on both sides often make grand pronouncements for a better life if you’ll just cast your vote for them.  The internet, ads, and infomercials promise that if we just take this or use that we will be more attractive, happier, and better in every possible way.  Do they deliver on the promises?  Hardly.  So when someone comes along and gives an “empty promise,” we think that we are being set up for disappointment.  


By contrast, Jesus’ tomb was and still is a symbolic “empty promise.” Unlike other empty promises, the tomb demonstrated that Jesus delivered on the rich, full, abundant and eternal life that He said that we would have. 


The unmistakably dead body of Jesus was placed in the tomb which was sealed by a two-ton rock and guarded. However, on that faithful morning, a few of His closest women followers discovered that the stone was rolled away; the tomb was empty.  A grave wasn’t necessary because Jesus was not dead; He was alive.  He conquered death and gave us the promise that we will, too. Because of His death we were given forgiveness for our sins.  The innocent man, Jesus, died a criminal’s death in our place.  As scripture puts it, “God demonstrated His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8). 


John and Peter walked into the empty tomb to find burial clothes.  Jesus didn’t need them.  Why?  Because He was alive!  He appeared to Mary Magdalene, the apostles, and eventually to 500 people.  His body and face were recognizable.  He walked, talked, and even broke bread with many.   


Just as He walked and talked with the ancients, He, through the promised Holy Spirit, wants to walk and talk with you and those you lead.  Christianity isn’t a dead religion full of empty promises, but a living relationship with Jesus Christ.  He wants us to recognize Him so that He can guide us every step of the way.  


Like many of our ABCOFLASH sisters and brothers, I can remember looking at my life and not liking what I saw. I was chasing the wrong things, seeking to fill an empty life.  So, on one October night, just after my 21st birthday, I knew what I had to do.  I walked out to a solitary beach and gave my heart to Jesus. My life (and I suspect yours) hasn’t been the same since I made a decision to live for Him. Believers find meaning and fulfilment in living for Him, then helping others find meaning and fulfilment in their lives, through the only One who satisfies.  


If we can help you as you help others, it is our great pleasure to do so.  That is why we are here. It is possible only with the help of our Lord Jesus, who shed His blood on the cross, was buried, then rose again. And that is no empty promise. 


In His Service (and Yours),

Andy Q.
Executive Minister                                                                                         Holy Week 2021

March 31st, 2021