New Logo for ABCOFLASH!

ABCOFLASH new logo

A Regional logo change…

You will notice the new ABCOFLASH logo has five colors and a circle.

1) Orange /yellow represents the bright Sun (SON) of Western States.

2) Blue, represents the blue Pacific Ocean of California and Hawaii, and the blue skies of Nevada and Arizona.

3) Green represents God’s creation of plants and life all around us in all the states.

4) Dusty rose represents the many layers of desert rocks formations in California, Nevada and Arizona.

5) The white cross represents our redemptive life in our Lord Jesus Christ who unites us all as new humanity, a household of God doing God’s mission within our Region.

6) The circle represents and reminds us that we are a global Region doing the Mission of the Kingdom of God and also our covenant relationship with ABCUSA which uses the globe as our denominational logo.

August 16th, 2017