American Baptist Churches of Los Angeles, Southwest & Hawaii


There are four annual offerings ABC supports throughout the year. If you click on the logo for each offering, it will bring you to information about the offering, bulletin inserts, promotional guides, and videos to use in your church.

Carry on the legacy of good works with a monetary gift!

Thanks to a history of generous donations to the America for Christ (AFC) Offering, American Baptist Home Mission Societies (ABHMS) has provided financial support to American Baptist churches and affiliated organizations across the United States and Puerto Rico year after year. Some examples of the positive impact your dollars have had on our beloved communities:
  • Funding direct assistance to the residents of Youngstown, Ohio, that included food boxes, meals for children, clothing banks and distribution of commodities such as diapers, school supplies, clothing, and housewares.
  • Funding youth education and enrichment programs as well as senior services that delivered lunch, health education, socialization opportunities, and groceries in bulk through a food pantry, among other things, to communities in and around Kansas City, Kansas.
  • Funding Rainbow Acres, a faith-based residential community with a wide range of programs for developmentally disabled adults from more than 15 states and representing an array of faith backgrounds, including American Baptists.These are just a few of the ways your dollars provide aid and comfort to those in need; there are many more. Please help us continue to bring healing and hope to communities, families, children and Jesus’ disciples in 2024 by supporting this year’s America for Christ Offering.
One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) supports disaster relief, ministries to displaced persons, and development projects of the American Baptist Churches and its partners. Received in June.
During the World Mission Offering (WMO) each September and October, your church has the opportunity to join the transformational work God is doing around the world through International Ministries’ 120+ global servants and 250+ global partners. God can use your participation not only to change lives internationally but also to deepen your discipleship in Christ. You can participate in what the Holy Spirit is doing to bring God’s kingdom “on earth as it is in heaven.”
The Retired Ministers & Missionaries Offering (RMMO) is administered by the M & M Board to provide emergency relief and a “thank you” check to retired ministers and missionaries (Received in December)
American Baptists have always been a people of mission; mission is in our DNA.  Our United Mission contributions give concrete expression to this impulse and help us to be the hands and feet of Christ-from the local congregation to all parts of the world.  It is through UM, our one family offering, that each giver is able to participate in the total ministry of our American Baptist family.

Region Support

The Region offering is exclusively for the support of the ministries of our Region. 100% of each dollar comes back to the Region. This can be a one-time donation, OR you may send it monthly or quarterly. Some of the ministries are:
• Annual Celebrations
• Board of Directors
• Church Property Protection
• Financial Commitments to ABCUSA
• New Church Planting Program
• Resource Staff Travel and Other Expenses
• Training Events
• Arizona Association Annual Meeting
• Church Legal Assistance
• Conclaves and Consultations
• Hawaii Association Annual Meeting
• Pastor and Church Hardship Assistance
• Specific International Ministries Projects
• Regionally Validated Ministries