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Have you registered by the Annual Meeting?
The registration deadline is tomorrow - September 22nd!

The Annual Meeting has some great speakers, workshops, and resources for pastors, leaders, and church members.

While delegates are needed for the vote on Thursday evening, this gathering is for everyone!

The ABCOFLASH Board is asking churches to send delegates to the Annual Meeting for a special vote. Click here for delegate information.

Rev. Soozi Ford is coming to the Annual Meeting. Rev. Ford is serving as the Interim Associate General Secretary. She'll be meeting with women in ministry on Friday and leading a workshop on Saturday about American Baptist Identify.

Don't miss this year's Annual Meeting!

ELIBERTO and MOLLY are endorsed to serve in El Salvador with International Ministries. They will be visiting the Los Angeles area to connect with our churches from October 7-17. You are invited to connect with Molly and Eliberto while they are here. Click here to learn more about them. There are several ways to connect with them:

  • Meet them at the Annual Meeting - they'll be leading a workshop in Spanish OR the Latina Women's event on October 15th
  • Invite them to share with your church. Maybe you have a small group Bible study or prayer meeting where they could come and share. There are several evenings open that are often when churches often have their small meetings.
  • If a visit with your congregation isn't possible, invite them to join you and maybe a few others from your church for a meal. Invite them to lunch or dinner. You may want to get to know them before you invite them to your church.

The times that they are available are:
Friday Evening - October 6 - open to visit a church
Sunday Afternoon/Evening - October 9 - Open for church visit - maybe your church doesn't gather on Sunday morning
Monday - October 10 - Open all day/evening
Tuesday - October 11 - Open all day/evening
Wednesday - October 12 - Open during the day (not available in the evening)
Thursday - October 13 - Open all day/evening
Friday - October 14 - Open all day/evening
Sunday Afternoon - Evening - October 16th - Open for afternoon or evening worship service
They will have their two-year-old son with them - they need a pack-n-play portable crib during their time here. Do any of you have one that could be borrowed or know someone who could lend theirs to them while they are here?
If you are interested in connecting with Molly and Eliberto, please let us know!
World Mission Offering 2022: Bolivia and Mexico

Churches are encouraged to receive the offering and to send the WMO donation and all giving towards ABC/USA ministries using the ABC/USA giving form with your church PIN so that your church will receive credit. On the form, designate funds to "WMO" or a Global Servant(s) you would like to designate your funds for. You can find your church giving form on our website with your church name.

World Mission Offering received in American Baptist Churches in the Fall.
Through International Ministries' World Mission Offering (WMO), every September and October, thousands across the country celebrate and give financial support to ministries God is using to transform the world.

Individuals can give the World Mission Offering or towards a Global Servant through your local American Baptist church or online giving on the IM website, or by sending a check made payable to "International Ministries" at 1003 W. 9th Ave., Ste. A King of Prussia, PA 19406-1210. Be sure to indicate where you want your funds designated.
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