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Saturday, June 4 - 10:00 a.m. via Zoom

Nonprofit Management Basics
This workshop is not a How to Start a Nonprofit Class. There are great classes for that. We will look at the What, Why, Who, How, and When to help you decide to start a nonprofit. Or, if you have already created a nonprofit, have you asked yourself these questions. Churches are nonprofits too.

Here are a few of the questions we will review.

What do you hope to accomplish? What are your goals and objectives?
Who is your target population? Why do they need you?
Who works with you? Do you have a good board or team? Are you burnt out?
How are you going about it? Do you have a strategic plan?
When is a good time to start? If you started, do you have a calendar of activities?

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Meeting ID: 897 3664 6665
Passcode: 05072022

Please note: We will record the meeting for distribution if you cannot attend this session or any of the remaining sessions.

Although there is no charge, it would be helpful if you would email us at or call 818.839.6070 to let us know of your interest to participate and to receive printed resources. Questions? Feel free to call or email.

Event Planning

TOOLBOX - Session Four

Saturday, May 7th 10:00 a.m. via Zoom

Event Planning - Does your church host special events? Have you reviewed the purpose of your event with all interested parties? Have you discussed the goals? Such as raising funds? Member activity? Church family gathering? Revival? Community outreach? Women's Day? Whatever your purpose, you can turn it into a fundraiser for your church.  What would make it successful?  - Raise the planned goal amount? Full participation by your congregation?  Is your church the best location for the number of people attending? Is this the best time of year to host the event? You may want to publicize on social media or send emails as part of your marketing effort. What are the costs for this event? Catering, Decorations, Musicians, Guest Speakers, Sound, Marketing, and more. There are many ways to raise funds at events, tickets, raffles, auctions, sponsors, donations, etc. Do you collect funds by check, credit card, cash, online?  In this workshop, we can discuss any events you would like to have and how you can plan a successful event.

Simple Data

TOOLBOX - Session Three

Saturday, March 5 - 10:00 a.m. via Zoom

Need Wording and Power Point Presentation

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Board Development


Saturday, February 5 - 10:00 a.m. via Zoom

Board Development - Leadership of any organization has the responsibility to govern the organization. When the congregation nominates their leaders they should consider what strengths and skill sets would be best for their particular needs. They should support their leaders as they unite to do God's work. In this workshop, we will talk about ways to ensure the organization discovers what skills your members have and how to encourage all members to step up and take on roles to help their church survive and thrive.

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In the God's Finances workshop

TOOLBOX - Session One
Saturday, January 8 - 10:00 a.m. via Zoom

In the God's Finances workshop, we'll examine the optimal church finance goals and record keeping. We will discuss the correlation between proper financial management and the congregation's willingness to tithe once they feel their contributions are managed effectively. We will take a look at sample reports and bookkeeping. This workshop will also review the need for a qualified bookkeeper and Finance Committee to oversee their work.

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Administrative Workshops presented by Lydia Floyd in 2022

Lydia serves as Treasurer for ABCOFLASH. She is the CEO and Consultant for Simple Data – Nonprofit Consulting.

Throughout her career as an Executive Director of a small nonprofit, Lydia attempted to help those seeking to start a nonprofit or churches and small agencies who needed assistance. Her skill set includes but is not limited to Donor database management, Board Development, Event Planning as well as Accounting (she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting). She hosts a class in nonprofit management basics and coaches and mentors Executive Directors and Church Finance leaders. She has held workshops in Succession planning for LA County Native American Commission.

2022 workshops for ABCOFLASH pastors and leaders will be offered via zoom on the following dates:

January 8 - Financial Management - God's Finances
February 5 - Board Development - Church Leaders Unite to do God's work
March 5 - Succession Planning - Help them learn to lead
April 2 - Nonprofit Management - The church is a faith-based 501c3
May 7 - Event Planning - Fundraising through church events or campaigns